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    Paxman has become too powerful

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  3. Goodnight freaks


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    Even if I’d never heard of In the Loop or The Thick of It, I would always remember Chris Addison from this brief, but highly memorable exchange with Tom Baker, during Tom’s hosting gig on Have I Got News for You in October 2008.

    This was actually the first thing I ever saw Chris Addison in and I did just about fall out of my chair at the age reveal for, I think, obvious reasons.  I had no idea then about Chris’s agelessness — which I can only assume is connected with some sort of attic portrait dealie. 


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    This is it. This is truly the most horrifying image humanity has ever created. This is the downfall of all that we have ever known, all of our hopes and dreams, our very way of life.

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  6. Sweaty pits meathead Dan, the saga


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    loving this new youtube “watch it again’ feature 

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    Vault boy and Armor pt. 2

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    I can think of a tumblr that should really really RB

    G’wan Ed.

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    Think it’s finished…


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    look i realise i can’t stop people from reblogging THIS OBNOXIOUS STUFF but, shit, if you’re going to post it please at least tag it “royal family” or something so i can attempt to avoid seeing it???? straight up i am going…

    God yeah that little shit George waving his arms around with those bullshit “I am your king” captions make me want to puke



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    "NASA’s annual budget is half a penny on your tax dollar. For twice that—a penny on a dollar—we can transform the country" - Neil deGrasse Tyson

    If you enjoyed learning about all that we’ve discovered in the short time that we’ve been exploring the COSMOS. Then help NASA get the funding they need to continue pushing the frontier.
    Take Action: http://www.penny4nasa.org/take-action

    Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/Penny4NASA1

    Frankly, if there’s a single organization I would not mind giving more tax money to, it’s NASA.

    That said I always wondered if NASA’s “get shit done” abilities are a direct result of having to operate on a shoestring budget. As much as I’d like to see them get more funding, I do worry that increasing it too much will invite corruption like it seems to have done in every other federal organization. On the flip side, all those years of minimal funding means NASA really knows how to stretch a dollar…

    Eh, I’d also attribute it to it being an agency run by engineers. No-bullshit compared to some other groups.

    Privatize NASA. We’ll be on Mars in less than 25 years.

    NASA has had so many projects that could’ve advanced space travel so much canceled because of funding problems. We could’ve been building Moonbases by now.


    Look, in Britain, since our railways were privatised, a ton of them have steadily gone to shit while the fares have risen three times faster than inflation. Because the companies running them have what amounts to a monopoly, which they’d have even more of if you privatise NASA because you can’t get a bus to fucking Space.

    When the railways were nationally owned, they just had to make enough money to run a fucking railway. Now they have to do that AND pay shareholder dividends, which means that corners are cut wherever they fucking can be, there’s delays and cancellations up the arse and the customers get shafted. AND OUR TAXES STILL FUCKING SUBSIDISE THEM. Companies have run railways into the ground and then handed them back because they weren’t profitable to them any more. Privatisation is an exercise in Applied Rights Without Responsibilities.

    Privatise NASA and all it’ll get money for are which projects can be monetised, which will pretty much consist entirely of things that could be used by what we now quaintly refer to as ‘defence’ and our slightly more forthright forebears would call ‘warmongering’.

    Private business won’t get us to Mars. It wouldn’t get us three fucking miles outside Earth’s atmosphere. Because it doesn’t give a shit about enriching humanity and scientific progress or any of that fun stuff. It wants what it always wants, which is to get paid and hoard its wealth like a fucking dragon. And you’d blithely hand over space exploration to people who’d happily charge you for every lungful of breathable fucking air, if they could, and probably would? Do that and you’ve let them put a fucking tollbooth on the road to the stars, you fucking wally.

    Look, there’s a reason Star Trek takes place in a Future Socialist Utopia, for fuck’s sake. It’s because getting into space and the exploration of same has to be the end solely in and of itself, not the happy by-product of the same gaggle of old white men continuing to rake in enough money to make Scrooge McDuck look like a fucking pauper.

    Jesus Christ, ‘privatise NASA’ person, if you want us to go to space that badly, you should just hand over your personal fucking spaceship, because whatever planet you’re from, it isn’t this one, clearly.

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    Remember when Romney lost the election so somebody created White People Mourning Romney and collected various people crying over Romney’s loss

    Still so funny.

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